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We are an organisation dedicated to education, covering various aspects of it and designing meticulous solutions that is of real value to stakeholders involved in this domain. We believe in growing together and hence are sure to be engaged for your requirements.

Institutional Solutions
Institutional Solutions

Every educational institution/company is an opportunity to change the world a bit more better. We would be happy to assist you achieve this vision through cross industry best practices.

  • Performance Enhancement Consulting

    Performance enhancement consulting is a means to achieve the ultimate goals of education. It is all about researching your current system, understanding the areas of improvement and devising a clear road map to implement the action plan to achieve the objectives, with cross industry best practices that are the sole reason for success in various industries like manufacturing, software, retail etc.

  • Exam Outsourcing Solutions

    Quite often it happens that a Teacher is burdened with the task of conducting assessments, analyzing results and preparing a report on student performance. It is worthwhile to note that almost 50% of a Teacher’s time is spent on assessments, which could better be used in teaching and strategizing a study plan for a weak student.

    We take care of every possible component of assessment conduct, right from developing question papers to grading and reporting. With our service, a teacher can very well understand a students performance from 3rd party point of view and take necessary measures to improve the outcome.

  • Content Creation and Conversion

    We offer content management services for education institutes and companies that include creation of fresh content in both physical and digital form and digitalization of existing physical content in to respective digital screens.

    Our capabilities include Amazon kindle publishing, Apple ibook publishing, paper to pdf conversions, instructor manual preparation, course slide preparation , customised course material preparation and printing services as well.

Student Solutions
Student Solutions

No student is same and hence it is imperative that education should be personalized as per the strenghts and weaknesses of a student, to add more value to achieve better outcomes.

  • Personalised Exam Preparation

    Exam oriented test series for K-12 and college students to help them understand their weak spots, effective guidance to improve marks and hence practice better with board style questions.For more information, please visit mithran exams website.

  • Personalised Math learning solutions for K-12 students that includes coaching, doubt resolution, home work help and adaptive test series to enhance performance in mathematics.For more information,please write to us.

  • Mithran Skill Development Programs for K-12 and higher education students are aimed to impart necessary computer skills and soft skills to enhance the productivity of a student. For more information,please write to us.

Publishing Solutions

Books should help a student as much as a good friend. We develop value added study materials , exam preparation materials and even customised textbooks for schools and students.

  • Designed with imparting one skill at a time, our textbooks would serve as a means to learn and advance one's knowledge in variety of topics ranging from Mathematics to Science. For more information, please click Amazon website.

  • You can buy Mathematics worksheets that cover topics ranging from Simple addition to Integral calculus to enhance your knowledge, prepare for entrance exams and learn the art of mathematics. For more information, please click Amazon website.

  • Quite often it is possible that you may be in need of a customised textbook that covers just enough topics as per your requirements. This happens particularly with homeschooled kids. We design and develop customised textbooks in mathematics and science to meet the knowledge requirements of students.

Student Solutions
Educator Solutions

No student is same and hence it is imperative that education should be personalized as per the strenghts and weaknesses of a student, to add more value to achieve better outcomes.

  • Our professional certification programs in mathematics is designed to ensure that the teachers are constantly reviewed in their topic of expertise, enhance their knowledge base and hence advance their career.

  • Teachers should also update themselves as per the changing digital world and hence would have basic necessary computer skills. We offer basic digital skill training that includes Microsoft Office, GSuite and Website development. For more information,please write to us.

  • Mithran Soft Skill Programs for Teachers is aimed to impart necessary classroom skills to enhance student engagement and improve outcome through right communication skills, excellent planning and perfect execution of learning strategies and overall, being a positive personality to inspire the kids.For more information,please write to us.

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